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Author Topic: Temporary Compensation Pet to Final Compensation Pet  (Read 2003 times)

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« on: September 30, 2016, 09:30:29 AM »

Guidlines in Exchanging your Temporary Pet Compensation and /Tigress/Fat Cat/Snake Demon/Bat Pet to Final compensation pet.

*Please take note that this is not compulsory. It will be your choice if you want to exchange your Compensation pet/Dual HP to Final compensation pet.

1. You need to send a private message to the GM's in the forums to be accomodated. Kindly check below for the list of GM's that you need to private message.

"GMKheno" For Seven Dragon Server
"GMAirheyka" For Divine Phoenix Server

Take note that the GMs will never ask for your password for the pet exchange.
Never give your password to any suspicious GM impersonators

Please use this format:

Time and Date that you will be available:

2. Once the player is not online during the time and date that he/she has provided to us we will get another player from our list.
3. There will be a limit in carrying of pet that will be exchange (maximum of 5 pets per character)
4. If the pet has a transfiguration image, We will return the last transfiguration scroll that has been used.
5. For those who has a Temporary Fat Cat compensation pet we will giving you a chance to exchange one of your additional pet skill to a Pet Defense skill. (This is to compensate the wrong stack skill of the Temporary Compensation Fat Cat Pet)
6. Exchanging of Final Compensation pet will be from 11:00AM until 6:00PM only.
7. Mailing of your pet is strictly prohibited to avoid being scammed by impersonators.
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