Game Client / Patch Download


Via Official Download Site

Full Client Download:

Segmented Files:


Manual Patch:
Manual Patch

Via Torrent Download

Full Client Download:

Manual Patch:

Torrent Instructions:
1. Download and Install uTorrent -->
2. Go to the link posted above and click Download.
3. Open with uTorrent
4. Download and please seed!! (meaning after you have downloaded it, dont exit uTorrent and let it seed)

GameClub Launcher Download

For those who are experiencing "Missing Launcher" error, please download our Official GameClub launcher for all GameClub games..

Click the link below:

Hello everyone!

MediaFire Download for All GameClub Games: [Click the link below]

Installers/Cummulative Patches for
- TwelveSky2
- CrossFire
- Fiesta Online
- Special Force Online
- Weapons of War

Choose the folder and Download!!!

Happy Gaming Everyone!

Download Update!

You may want to download the game client from our official website -->

You can download the updated cumulative patch at this link below:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

After Download has completed, double click on the Part 1 file and let it install. Do not extract or double click any of the other files! After installation, patch then play! See you in-game!

Cumulative Patch Update!

Above links posted have been changed, please go to this link for the Updated Cumulative Patch download:

Then go to ---> TwelveSky2 Online philippines  /  Patch Files  /  Cumulative Patch  /  MAR, 25 2010

Download the 8 parts. Once download is done, double click on Part 1 Exe file. Please do not extract or double click any of the files.


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