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Author Topic: Have an equal standing on Ghost Mode  (Read 151 times)

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« on: July 18, 2018, 02:20:59 PM »

I just played a game and noticed this issue,an exploit in terms of invisibility of the Ghost Players where moving may reveal you slightly but crouch-jumping cannot, and it is widely abused by the Ghost Players.You may say this is not a big of a deal because we can still hear them coming, but here is the issue, what would happen if the player who abuses crouch jumping bought an item that almost completely silences their "Breath"? This is what we faced in my past gameplay of Ghost Mode, a Ghost Player (I can't say his name for reasons of my own) just used both the exploit and the item against us and almost single-handedly defeated us (save for his other teammates who also uses this exploit) and we lost with his score of 44 kills and 3 deaths (I don't know his death count exactly but Im pretty sure its this low),and in-game I said "Wow this guy just made the game unbalanced in their advantage, its like a sure win strategy",after a while of shooting randomly and after we lost, I went here to suggest this,have this exploit of crouch-jumping to remain invisible be removed, the instructions said that any form of movement should reveal a Ghost alongside its "Breath", but the exploit of crouch-jumping combined with the item "Breath Sound Down" made it Visually (and almost  acoustically)Impossible to pin-point a Ghost's movement.
And yes removing this is still considered fair on both sides because: One side have guns while the other has invisibility, It takes almost five well placed shots to kill Ghosts and It takes them Almost just two hits to kill GRs,both have items that can be purchased to counter each other,One side have range and the other have speed, plus its still a sure 75% win on their side if they got passed the GR and planted the bomb early with little casualties on their side, meaning (this is actually also being abused) that they can just plant,hide,and then strike whenever someone tries to defuse the bomb (even staying there until it explodes and kills them with it).So to finish this long suggestion to fair-gameplay,thanks for reading and I hope I didnt bore you out halfway.Thanks and have a good day of playing.

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« Reply #1 on: July 18, 2018, 02:58:18 PM »

They're called "Ghosts" for a reason. Bunny hopping is part of the game and it's been there for years! You fought with players who are experts on the mode and complain why you lost. People buy the "Breath Sound Down" because GMPs can pin-point them easier so that's the thing that made it balanced.

Simply put, you just $uck at GM. Don't play it if you can't accept you lost. Start on beginner servers and slowly improve your skills with new players playing the mode. Use a better headset,never forget to walk, mute the radio sound on the settings and use a silenced weapon and you might get better.

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