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Title: General Problem - Disconnection
Post by: -MiNE- on June 12, 2017, 12:25:40 PM

Good Day.

I would like to report a problem of most of the players including me which is "Good bye for now due to user's
unstable internet connection. Try again later."


I pretty think it's not because of our internet connection. Hindi naman po kami pareho lahat ng internet connection.
Players in B1 are even shouting "malakas naman internet connection ko" or "ang lag" or "lagbeat" or "shutdown na"

I hope the technical team would consider this as a serious matter. Hindi kasi kami makalaro nang maayos eh.
You wouldn't want your players quitting because of this. We wouldn't want to stop playing just because of this.

And please don't tell me to reinstall. That didn't work for others. So I am sure it won't work for me, too.

PS. Happy Independence Day!