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Title: Permanently Blocked
Post by: john3k91 on May 08, 2019, 08:12:01 AM
my account was blocked last month im about to complain why my account was blocked at that time i didnt use any illegal programs or cheats while playing and also why my account being forced to disconnected at that time?

CodeName: FoX_01john

Title: Permanent Blocked but no unblocked activity (Zendesk is not helping)
Post by: john3k91 on May 08, 2019, 08:38:49 AM
still my account is in permanent blocked state zendest is not helping i already told it that i didnt use any cheat or  illegal program because i have gaming setup i dont want my gaming setup to have viruses that destroys my pc

IGN: FoX_01john

Zendesk says:

Greetings from GameClub Support!

If you've received a message that your account has been disabled or involved in serious rule breaking, the account will either be suspended or banned indefinitely depending on the severity of the offence.

You can check CrossFire Game Violations and Penalties for more detail about the violation and when this might be lifted.

If your ban is for any other reason, you can submit an appeal here that will be reviewed by a Game Master.

We would like to apologize, but our access to such issue is limited thank you for your patience and cooperation on this matter.


Title: Re: Permanently Blocked
Post by: [FM]Chiii on May 25, 2019, 01:59:34 AM


Kindly wait for your account to be unbanned.