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Title: This can make the game better (not really sure)
Post by: BOOMTALITY on September 14, 2018, 05:07:50 PM
-Cheater Problems-
-Permanent Ban for Hackers/Cheaters High Rank or Low Rank
-When he/she is permanently Banned he/she can only unban his/her account through CF support with a valid reason
-Add more Rank Limited Channels per server Like 2 - 3 channels for every Server so no newly created accounts used to cheating can enter the game

-Save Replay-

-Automatic Save replay where you dont need to click Save Every Time your game is ended so that even if u got kicked while in the scoreresults it will be saved.
-Add On/Off in the settings/option menu for the Automatic Save Replay 
-Make an Option that a player can remove the Controls / user panels so that some content creators can make a better cinematics.

-Rank match-
-Add an option where 5people can team together not only as duo's
-When someone caught is cheating on rank matches he should be permanently banned from the game and his friends,Clanmates,partymembers from the game must lose their ranks.

I hope this can be implemented on the game.

Sorry for my bad english.

Title: Re: This can make the game better (not really sure)
Post by: Tredmor on September 15, 2018, 12:08:28 AM
My thoughts on this:

1) Cheater Problems:
- C.F Support for account related concerns like getting banned. OK for me. Unless if perma banned.

2) Save Replay:

- Auto save for replay in a game that you got kicked. Cool
- Option to remove Controls / user panels. No for this. But rather, more features for a better version of the replay system. Like maybe a feature, in the replay, that will display the button(s) pressed by the selected I.G.N. With the time in relation to the replay.

  Like for example:
  0:06.4 - Capslock(ON)
  0:06.7 - W
  0:07.3 - S
  0:09.2 - Enter Key
  0:10.1 - *Chat*
  0:12.4 - Enter Key
  0:13.8 - Shift Key
  0:14.3 - W
Where the left side denotes the time of the replay. The right side is the button of the keyboard pressed. Holding / releasing the button, after pressing it, will not be displayed in the right side. *Chat* will not be displayed in the replay to ensure privacy.

3) Rank Match:

- Doesn't really matter to me pero would be nice to those who are into it.
- I think what you are trying to say is if pwede ring maparusahan yung mga kasama ng na-ban na I.G.N. Assuming that 'aware' ang mga kasama niya sa pinaggagawa niya noong nagcheat siya.

Title: Re: This can make the game better (not really sure)
Post by: BOOMTALITY on September 15, 2018, 03:46:08 AM
About sa Save replay
- Lagay lang sila sana ng option para ma hide yung mga controls/panels para makagawa ng cinematic

About sa rank match
- Oo kasi ang daming nag boboosting dyan na may gamit na cheats katulad nito - - hindi ko alam kung mababasa mo yung chat at scoreboard malabo kasi e